Chef Brooke Williamson: Family, Career, and Net Worth

Who loves watching Top Chef? If you are a keen supporter of this tv program, you might be familiar with Chef Brooke Williamson. She is famous for bagging the title and appearing on various cooking shows. Chef Williamson has established her name because of her top recipes that marked the hearts of the viewers. But the question is, how does her appearance in Top Chef change her life? Keep on reading to reveal her career and net worth.

Who Is Brooke Williamson?

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On August 15, 1978, Brooke Williamson was born in Los Angeles, California. Williamson became interested in cooking when she was six years old and began watching Tv programs where great chefs such as Julia Child and Jacques Pepin demonstrated their classic French culinary techniques. Aside from that, Brooke had started to read the Betty Crocker Cookbook, and her first cooking accomplishment was when she cooked a pancake.

At the age of 17, Williamson began her professional career. Chef Ken Frank, a Michelin-starred chef, mentored Williamson to her first kitchen post as a pastry trainee at Fenix at the Argyle Hotel, where she began her cooking career after becoming a teaching aide at the Epicurean Institute. Two years later, Brooke Williamson was promoted as an executive chef at Boxer, a well-known Los Angeles restaurant. After that, she became the Executive Chef at the Brentwood restaurant named Zax, where she began to build her unique California-inspired culinary style, which is based on the notion of simplicity and is blended with locally sourced ingredients and foreign tastes. Williamson met her husband Nick Roberts at Zax and became a business partner with him.

Williamson’s Career

When Williamson became head chef at Zax, she redesigned the dining experience and emphasized more locally sourced ingredients in the traditional American cuisine. The Forbes and Los Angeles Times both hailed Williamson as the “culinary wunderkind.” She has also shown up on so many cooking tv programs, including Top Chef season 10, where she managed to end as runner-up. After that, she won the title again in Season 14. Williamson has also featured on other shows like the House of Food and Knife Fight.

Brooke Williamson Net Worth

After winning the title on the 14th season of Top Chef, Williamson earns a reward of $125,000. Her actual net worth hasn’t been revealed yet, but her projected net worth, however, is expected to be approximately $2 million. This is because Williamson had worked in a variety of restaurants and places for an average income of $56,295 after completing her studies as a chef. Her cooking talents have grown over time as a result of working with top chefs. Finally, Williamson’s most valuable asset is, of course, her restaurant, which she co-founded with Nick Roberts, who is also the head chef of three other restaurants and a retail store.

Her Family Background

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Williamson has kept her Mexican parents’ identities a secret, but it has been discovered that her dad is no longer with her; thus, she spends a lot of time with her mom now. When asked about her mother’s artistic background, Brooke answered that she is a graphic designer who also works with ceramics to create ornamental products. Brooke’s father, on the other hand, was a talented photographer.

Nick Roberts, a similarly professional chef, was married to Williamson. Following his marriage to a renowned chef, Nick has become popular as she married Williamson. Nick Roberts is a fantastic chef from California and was nurtured in their Durney Vineyards. His interest in beverages began as a youngster, as he grew up in a neighborhood with wineries. Nick, on the other hand, eventually turned his attention to cuisine. After marrying Williamson, they had Hudson, whom they inspired in one of their restaurants named Hudson House.

Williamson and Nick Restaurants

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Chef Brooke Williamson and her husband have established their own restaurants and let the people indulge their savory own-made recipes. They collaborated with different types of cuisines to match the palates of their customers. Their restaurants are indeed world-class because of their top skills in cooking.

🔘 Hudson House

Chefs Williamson and his husband Nick founded Hudson House located at Redondo Beach in 2008, suitably named following their baby Hudson. They’ve been building a restaurant that focuses on the suburb, fantastic cuisine, and drinks for over a decade. Because of this, it’s grown into a beloved South Bay landmark. Hudson House currently features a collection of works by photographers and local artists. These are all influenced by the coast and the Southern California atmosphere, with a surf shack ambiance. Hudson House is bound to become the favorite neighborhood pub and restaurant since it combines delicious cuisine, delicious beverages, and a warm atmosphere.

To know more about the Hudson House, you can click here.

🔘 The Tripel

Only a short walk from the Pacific, the Tripel restaurant has been providing the Playa del Rey neighborhood with excellent craft beer and high-quality food. Ballast Point, Smog City, and Strand Brewing are among the beers on the list. You may pair your beverage with their top sellers, such as the Tripel burger, steamed mussels and clams, and balsamic marinated onion rings while enjoying your stay. Playa Provisions has a culinary store with cookbooks and cooking equipment, as well as a full-fledged store in Playa Vista’s Runway. Unfortunately, they close The Tripel until further notice or you can watch out for announcements on their website.

🔘 Playa Provisions

In a 7,000 square-foot beachfront site, the distinctive venue has four various restaurant ideas. They serve breakfast and lunch in the King Beach Cafe in a relaxed setting. Dockside shows Brooke and Nick’s enthusiasm for California seaside food in an elegant dining hall and beachfront deck. Also, don’t forget to stop by Small Batch for a scoop of homemade ice cream after your luscious dinner. Or, you can go back to Grain Whiskey Bar for some stronger cocktails. The four unique yet connected dining settings, themed by the town’s “country marts,” give a flavor for everyone.

Bottom Line

Check Brooke Williamson really have the desire to be a chef. She already has the inner talent at an early age just by starting from pancakes. This only proves that anyone can be a chef. It’s possible as long as you have the strength and confidence to finish all the struggles. Becoming a chef starts from proper education to apprenticeship to becoming the executive chef of your own restaurant. Chef Williamson is indeed an inspiration to all aspiring chefs because she did her best to establish her identity.

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