Da Real Gee Money Net Worth, Personal Life, Career, and MORE!

Da Real Gee Money, or Gee Money, is one of the up-and-coming rappers from Baton Rouge Louisiana. Some of his songs include ‘Industry’, ‘Jack Who?’, ‘All I Know’, and ‘Gee Pac’. Gee Money’s career was just getting started when he was slain in 2017. But despite his short life and much shorter career, Da Real Gee Money net worth remains a curiosity for many fans.

According to some reports, Gee Money is worth between $100,000 and $125,000 at the time of his death. Still, some estimate it to be higher at $800,000.

Below, we discuss more about Gee Money’s personal life, career, and net worth. Read on and know more about this rapper.

Who is Da Real Gee Money?

Photo Credits – Da Real Gee Money via Spotify

Da Real Gee Money’s real name is Garrett Burton. He’s a native of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and was born on June 14, 1995. He’s the son of Ava Burton, but there’s not much known about his father.

Gee Money attended Susan E. Wagner High School. After that, he pursued a degree at SUNY Morrisville College.

On September 10, 2017, Da Real Gee Money was shot dead while leaving his music studio. He was 22 years old at the time and has a very promising rapping career.

Da Real Gee Money’s personal life

Very little is known about Da Real Gee Money’s personal life. Growing up, he has a difficult childhood since his parents always struggle with money.

It’s reported that the rapper has a daughter named Kylie. Da Real was reportedly married, though not much is known about his wife.

Despite his promising career, Da Real is embroiled in feuding groups. Da Real, or Garret Burton in real life, is affiliated with the Top Boy Gorilla (TBG) group. Meanwhile, TBG is feuding with another rap group called NBA or Never Broke Again.

Authorities described the two groups as gangs, which have been having brushes with each other for years.

On September 10, 2017, Deandre Fields shot Da Real outside of his studio. His fellow rapper NBA YoungBoy or Kentrell Gaulden in real life was also charged for the slaying.

The feud that ultimately led to the killing was said to have stemmed from Da Real’s song. Field stated that Da Real released a song with derogatory lyrics pertaining to Gaulden’s sister. In retaliation, Gaulden posted on social media from where the feud escalated further.

Da Real Gee Money’s career

Da Real Gee Money’s passion for rapping started early. He’s eager to make a name in the music scene, a dream which was slowly gaining traction until his untimely demise.

During his short career, Da Real was able to release a few albums and songs. On Spotify, he has two albums, G-Code released in 2017 and G-Code 2 posthumously released in 2018.

He started his career by networking with Baton Rouge’s top music producers. In the process, Da Real was able to work with Q Red on the Track and DJ B-Real.

Aside from that, Da Real also has several singles. In his YouTube channel, he uploaded a remix of Cardi B’s Bodak Yellow, which has 3.1 million views to date.

Although he was never signed to a big record, Da Real managed to build a substantial fan base. His YouTube channel has over 59,000 subscribers in 2021. However, it seems like he’s not very active on social media before his death.

In February 2017, months before his death, Da Real was included in the 12 Baton Rouge Rappers You Should Know by XXL magazine.

Da Real Gee Money net worth

According to sources, Da Real Gee Money is worth $100,000 to $125,000 at the time of his death. However, others say that this wealth amounts to up to $800,000. However, no one from his estate or family confirms the numbers.

Overall, Da Real Gee Money sourced his income from his rapping career. He wasn’t signed to a commercial label, so his earnings would likely be smaller than other artists.

Aside from his music career, there’s no known investment or properly under Da Real’s name. This is aside from his studio where he recorded his music.

If Da Real is still alive now, he would have earned more. Considering the potential of his music, he might be a millionaire by now. And who knows, Da Real might break into the mainstream. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is Da Real Gee Money killed?

A: According to the investigation of authorities, Da Real Gee Money was shot dead due to an ongoing dispute with another group. The authorities called the opposing groups ‘gangs’ with a history of feud in the past years. Members of the other group stated that the bad blood between Da Real and NBA YoungBoy started from a provocative song that the former released.

Q: How much is Da Real Gee money paid?

A: It’s not fully known how much money Da Real made from his music. He’s not signed to a commercial label and he was producing most of his songs in his own studio. Unlike other rappers, Da Real was yet to make big money on his music before he died.

Q: Who is Da Real Gee Money’s killer?

A: In 2021, Deandre Fields is accused of shooting Da Real Gee Money due to their groups’ ongoing feud. He was only arrested in 2019 and the trial is ongoing. Recently, Fields pleaded not guilty to the killing and are currently on a $250,000 bond.

Q: Is Da Real Gee Money famous?

A: Da Real Gee Money has gained considerable fame in and out of Baton Rouge during his short career. He was able to release two albums and work with local producers at that time. If he wasn’t slain, Da Real would have probably become more popular.

Final words

Da Real Gee Money net worth may not be as big as other rappers. Still, he can be considered a prolific artist during this short career and young age. His net worth of $100,000 to $150,000 would probably be millions by now if he didn’t pass away.

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