Draya Michele: Her Success With Swimwear

Do you like wearing swimsuits but are conscious of your body at the same time? Don’t worry! This is the goal of our featured artist, no other than Draya Michele. She is famous for her story, especially when she started her clothing brands. Draya’s vision has changed the lives of women who are conscious of their bodies. Because of her willingness to help people in elevating their confidence, she is now proclaimed a self-made millionaire.

But what really made her to the fame? Keep on reading to reveal her story!

Who Is Draya Michele?

Photo credits: Draya Michele (Instagram)

Draya Michele came to the world on January 23, 1985, and became a prominent public figure. Draya is also into business leading to three fashion lines. She is the daughter of Valeria Diaz, who is an Argentine singer and actress. Draya’s parents sent her to aesthetic class when she entered school since she showed an early awareness and appreciation of beauty. At the same time, she also had an interest in melodies and had become aspired to be a singer.

Draya’s Career

Draya’s ambition was to become a well-known creative fashion designer and supermodel. However, because of her size, she experienced a lot of problems at the beginning of her endorsements deals. She compiled a list of her preferred men’s publications and gave them all of her sample snaps. Unfortunately, they turned her down due to her shape and long neck.

Photo credits: Draya Michele

However, she persisted and landed jobs with filmmakers, producers, and film directors, landing roles in clips for some of the most prominent recording artists, including Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj, The Game, and Kanye West. The wonderful thing about Draya is that she was never discouraged by snarky remarks about her body. She persevered and sent more proposals continuously to numerous modeling firms. She rose to prominence in the United States after appearing in some of the most successful music videos.

Her next goal was to get featured in publications. This time, she was chosen to feature in prominent men’s publications such as King, Black Man, XXL, and Show. She then featured in various men’s journals and was cast in the famous television program entitled Basketball Wives: L.A.

After exiting the program in 2015, she launched her swimwear and apparel brands and is now a successful businesswoman.

Her Popularity and Relationships

Draya’s famous films are We Belong Together, Be Someone, L.A. Finest, Til Death Do Us Part, and more. In the year 2011, Draya made her screen debut in T.V. One’s Will to Love. Similarly, in 2016, she played in the romantic comedy film The Perfect Match as Holly, and in 2017, she played in True to the Game as Cherelle. Michele originally came to public attention as the girlfriend of artist Chris Brown. Draya Michele’s name has also been associated with a number of well-known male stars in the earlier days. These guys, Kenyon Martin, Bernard Berrian, Wiz Khalifa, French Montana, DeShawn Stevenson, Gilbert Arenas, and Ray J, have all been linked to her.

Draya went on a date with another artist figure in the year 2013, and so this time, she began a relationship with Orlando Scandrick. This man was a cornerback for the Dallas Cowboys football team. They had their engagement in the year 2015 and tied the knot in 2016. Michele then led to the birth of their baby Jru on April 8, 2016. Draya has yet another child named Kinko, who was introduced while she was only 17 years old.

Revealing Draya’s Net Worth

Photo credits: Draya Michele

Draya’s net worth is projected to be at $1 million as of 2021. He made the majority of her money by starring in the tv program “Basketball Wives LA.” According to insiders, Draya has been paid twice as much since her premiere on the program. She also makes a decent living by running a variety of fashion brands.

The people have been consistently captivated by the star’s remarkable growth from up to millions of Instagram followers. Draya is a millionaire who built her fortune on her own. In subsequent interviews, she has stated that “Mint Swim” grossed well over a million in revenue in 2015. She also runs Beige & Coco, a clothing business that started in November 2016.

What’s Inside Mint-Swim?

Draya established Mint Swim in 2011. Mint Swim was built and constructed with various body types in mind. The target audience is the lady who needs to feel beautiful and accentuate all the perfect curves while remaining trendy. This brand offers a homepage where you can buy your favorite swimwear online.

Some of her designs are vibrant, provocative, and body-baring, yet they are also sensible. One-piece swimwear with stencil details and high cuts has an 80’s and 90’s feel that is very trendy with what the fashion community is exhibiting on their platforms. Fashion statements with bold color and knot embellishment are portrayed on plain bikinis. The collection is already getting a lot of attention from celebrities. Nevertheless, Draya’s collection was great, and you’ll notice that she really put in a lot of work.

Photo credits: Mint Swim

Draya finally presented her Mint-Swim to New York Fashion Week in 2018. She stated that the event had hindered her production since she needed to have at least six months’ advance to plan for her clothes batches. Draya noted that she would continue to provide designs as long as she is 99% satisfied with her original concepts. Nonetheless, she feels that everything must be disclosed at the appropriate time, despite her desire to expose everything in public.

Draya starts developing her Mint-Swim by focusing on people in swimwear. She discovered that many individuals genuinely wear the wrong size of swimwear as long as they are fashionable. But, even though she’s having an excellent time with Mint-Swim, she hasn’t forgotten about her acting profession. Draya still had two films in theaters in 2018 and seven to eight films in the first six months of the same year.

Draya Michele’s Pure Heart

Draya reportedly came back to Compton school, where she had previously agreed to assist with their needs. She did not just donate thousands of cash, but she also dedicated her time with the children at Optimal Christian Academy. It was a very considerate gift on her behalf, and it is for sure that the children and workers are thankful.

Aside from that, Draya Michele managed to spend the 2018 Oscars weekend helping EJAF or Elton John’s AIDS Foundation. Draya joined the Elton John AIDS Foundation’s 26th Annual Academy Awards Viewing Party. Miley Cyrus was among the numerous celebs that attended the event. Notably, the charity event has garnered more than $62 million for years.

Bottom Line

Draya Michele had incorporated her confidence into daily life. Because of the crazy time of social media right now, Draya just wrote because of the tension and negativity of the world. How did she own up to being that confident woman from the outside? She may seem convinced, just like everyone else, but as soon as she reaches maturity, she also gets broken down and discouraged by things.

From the time she liked arguing with small things, now Draya just let it pass and continue life. She is indeed a great sample to aspirants who wants to be successful like her. This only proves that it is not impossible to be a self-made millionaire as long as you have achievable dreams and desires.

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