How Much Is Brandon Fugal Worth? You’ll Be Surprised By The Estimate!

Brandon Fugal is a successful entrepreneur, capitalist, and business leader. He’s currently serving as the chairman of Colliers International, which is a real estate firm based in Utah. He also owns the Skinwalker Ranch property, where The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch is being filmed. With such enormous business ventures, we can’t help but wonder, how much is Brandon Fugal worth?

According to sources, the business tycoon is worth at least $300 million. Other sources estimate his fortune to be around $500 million, which isn’t surprising if proven true.

Below, we discussed more about Brandon Fugal’s career, personal life, net worth, and more.

Who is Brandon Fugal?

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Brandon Daniel Fugal was born on April 1, 1973. He’s an American business leader and investor who navigated multiple industries in the past years.

While Fugal is a rich man now, he grew up in a middle-class family within a brood of four. He has two brothers Matthew and Cameron who appeared in the History channel’s The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch.

During his younger years, the business tycoon went to Pleasant Grove High School. After that, Fugal attended Utah Valley University.

Moreover, Brandon Fugal had an early start in real estate after he received his license at the age of 18. From there, he managed to climb the corporate ladder until he became the multi-millionaire that he is today.

Brandon Fugal’s personal life

Brandon Fugal is currently married to Lacey Anne Fugal. The couple has four children whose names are Ireland, Chase, and Hunter. We’re yet to find information about Fugal’s fourth child.

Aside from that, Fugal’s two brothers are also in business. Cameron is the CEO of Aero Dynamic Jets, which is owned by Brandon. Meanwhile, Matthew manages its operations. They have another brother named Patrick, but not much is known about him.

Fugal remains private about his family life, so not much is known about his wife and kids. It’s probably done for the safety and privacy of his family.

Brandon Fugal’s career

Brandon Fugal is widely lauded for his business success. He earlier worked for Grubb & Ellis/Wallace Associates as a senior associate.

In 1998, Fugal ventured into his own business by founding the Coldwell Banker Commercial. The company remain in operation until it merged with Colliers International, where Fugal is now serving as its chairman.

Thanks to his work, Fugal managed to turn Colliers International into the leading real estate firm in the entire Intermountain West. His success attracted clients like the RiverPark Corporate Center, Pleasant Grove I-15 Interchange, Charles Schwab & Co, and more.

Due to his success in real estate, Fugal managed to save enough to purchase the famous Skinwalker Ranch. The 2016 deal reportedly set Fugal back for around $1 billion.

Initially, the deal with the former owner, billionaire Robert Bigelow, is to keep the new owner a secret. However, when the show The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch started, Fugal eventually revealed himself.

Aside from running his business, Fugal is also earning from the History Channel TV series. In the TV show, experts are researching the property for proof of reported UFO sightings as well as paranormal activities.

Moreover, Brandon Fugal heavily invests in tech companies. Recently, he founded companies like Zenerchi, which is a game on Steam. He’s also the person behind Axcend, a chromatography system as well as Cypher Corporation, which provides software solutions for data manipulation and pattern recognition.

How much is Brandon Fugal worth?

With the above-mentioned career and investments, it’s no wonder that Brandon Fugal is worth at least $200 million. He earns from his companies as well as his ongoing projects.

Fugal managed to build large-scale infrastructures for his clients. For example, he sealed the deal with the Embassy Suites, which is worth $100 million. Aside from that, he also handled the Cottonwood Corporate Center, which is another $100 million for his real estate firm.

This is aside from the Rare Downtown Development Parcels, which earned his company another $10 million. According to sources, Fugal’s company has earned around $6 billion from real estate projects alone.

Take note that Fugal also has tech investments. While his exact earnings on those businesses aren’t disclosed, it’s safe to estimate that he’s also raking in millions from the multiple companies he co-founded.

Aside from that, Fugal is also receiving payments for the show The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch, which is being taped on his property. It made him a public figure and surely even richer.

Due to this business success, Brandon Fugal holds multiple titles in his name. He’s recognized as the Top National Dealmaker and he’s also part of the Real Estate Forum’s Top 40 Under Forty before.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Was Brandon Fugal on Undercover Boss?

A: Based on our research, Brandon Fugal hasn’t appeared on Undercover Boss. Still, he appears in the show The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch as the owner of the said property. Other than that, Fugal doesn’t have other major TV appearances.

Q: Are Brandon Fugal and Cameron Fugal related?

A: Cameron Fugal and Brandon Fugal are brothers. In fact, Cameron works as a top executive in one of Brandon’s companies. He’s joined by their other brother named Matthew. The three share the same passion for business and investments.

Q: How much money does Brandon Fugal have?

A: Brandon Fugal is estimated to have at least $200 million under his name. It’s also estimated to be as high as $300 million, which isn’t surprising considering the real estate projects he’s handling.

Q: Is Brandon Fugal married?

A: Brandon Fugal is currently married to his wife Lacey Anne Fugal. They share four kids, though not much is known about the personal life of the family.

Final words

How much is Brandon Fugal worth? The successful business leader has up to $300 million in his bank account. This amount is expected to get bigger since he’s handling large real estate projects and running various tech companies. It’s aside from his earnings from the History Channel TV show featuring the Skinwalker Ranch, which he owns.

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