How Much Is LeJuan James Worth? Read About Him Here!

Juan Antiles, who is popular for his online alias LeJuan James, is a famous social media influencer. He rose to fame for his comedic videos and depiction of fellow Hispanics living in America. As of this writing, LeJuan has 2.4 million Instagram followers and over 296,000 YouTube subscribers. How much is LeJuan James worth, you ask? According to public records, the social media personality’s wealth is estimated to be around $600,000.

Below, we discussed more about LeJuan’s personal life, career, net worth, and more.

Who is LeJuan James?

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LeJuan James has Puerto Rican and Dominican ancestry. He was born on February 19, 1990, in Puerto Rico.

Juan’s social media persona ‘LeJuan James’ is inspired by the basketball player Lebron James. True enough, the unique alias caught on to his followers.

When LeJuan was in grade school, his family decided to move to the United States. However, such a move wasn’t easy as Juan’s parents need to work hard to keep the family afloat.

In an interview, LeJuan mentioned his father working two jobs in Burger King and West Gate to provide for the family. At the same time, his mother worked as a cashier and housekeeper.

Moreover, LeJuan’s fame started in 2013 in a video-sharing app called Vine. It’s similar to TikTok, but Vine had to shut its doors in January 2017.

Despite that, LeJuan found other outlets like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube where he now has millions of followers.

LeJuan James’ personal life

Juan is currently married to YouTube beauty guru Camilaa Inc. The two got engaged on January 1, 2019, and eventually married on October 15, 2020. They have been dating since 2014.

Camilaa has over 116,000 followers on her YouTube channel and 545,000 on her Instagram account.

On December 15, 2021, the couple welcomed their first child, a daughter they named Ivory Cozy.

While Juan is known as a comedian, he and his wife supports serious causes like Black Lives Matter through the Color of Change organization.

LeJuan James’ career

Currently, LeJuan is considered one of the top Latino social media influencers. His impressive acting skills and authentic depiction of Hispanic culture make him a staple of Hispanic and non-Hispanic viewers.

He started producing short videos he uploaded to the platform Vine in 2013. However, after Vine closed down, LeJuan channeled his comedy on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

The common themes of his videos are comedic skits about Hispanic life. From the quirks of Hispanic families down to the daily oddities of being Hispanic.

As his videos get viral, LeJuan also raked in thousands of followers and viewers. True enough, this TikTok account now has 463,000 fans. This is aside from his 2.4 million-strong Instagram fan base and 3.3 million Facebook followers.

Unlike other comedians, LeJuans brands his comedy as ‘clean family humor’. It’s probably the same reason why he got famous in and out of the Hispanic community.

In 2019, the comedian published a book entitled Definitely Hispanic. His book chronicled the funny sides of the Hispanic culture, family, community, and more. It has a collection of LeJuan’s reflections and essays about growing up as a Hispanic kid in America.

His earnings from the book aren’t established, but it’s currently being sold in major bookstores nationwide like Simon & Schuster.

Currently, LeJuan James is a full-time content creator and so is his wife. The two are also partnering with various brands and endorsements to which they get most of their income.

How much is LeJuan James worth?

According to public data, LeJuan James has $600,000 under his name. However, others estimate his total assets to be as high as $3 million. This is inclusive of all LeJuan’s possessions, investments, and properties.

Most of LeJuan’s income is sourced from his online presence. He regularly earns from his YouTube channel, not to mention that he also have brand endorsements.

Overall, LeJuan has worked with brands like Norwegian Cruise Lines, NASCAR, and McDonald’s.

In December 2019, LeJuan also posted on Instagram that he finally got his dream car, a Lamborghini. It’s proof that the social media influencer is earning a substantial amount through this career.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is LeJuan James Dominican or Puerto Rican?

A: LeJuan James, with the real name Juan Antiles, is half Puerto Rican and half Dominican. The comedian also draws inspiration from his ancestry in creating skits and funny videos for his channel. He specifically makes parody videos about Latino parents that immigrants can surely relate to.

Q: Where does LeJuan James live now?

A: LeJuan James now lives in Orlando, Florida with his wife Camilaa and daughter Ivory. The couple also has two dogs named Luke and Yoda. Overall, Orlando, Florida is home to a large population of Hispanic and Latino immigrants.

Q: How did LeJuan James become famous?

A: LeJuan James rose to fame because of his funny videos imitating Latino parents. The comedian takes inspiration from his own parents who are Dominican and Puerto Rican. He started to become famous on Vine then eventually in TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram.

Q: What does LeJuan James do for a living?

A: LeJuan James is a full-time content creator. He uses Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok as his platforms. He also makes brand endorsements where he earns a substantial amount of money. His wife Camila is also a social media influencer and beauty guru.

Q: Is LeJuan James still married?

A: LeJuan James recently married his wife Camila in a private ceremony in October 2020. The following year, they welcomed a daughter. LeJuan was never married before and Camila is his first wife.

Final words

How much is LeJuan James worth? The comedian and social media influencer have an estimated fortune of $600,000. Most of his wealth came from his earnings as a social media star. He also makes endorsements and brand partnerships where he earns a substantial amount of money. Aside from that, his wife Camila also earns from her channel and beauty endorsements.

Considering his growing fan base, LeJuan’s net worth will surely get bigger over the years.

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