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Are you a Star Trek fan? If you answered yes, you are undoubtedly familiar with today’s topic. It’s none other than William Shatner himself! William Shatner is a Canadian actor whose prodigious production and savage style of humor earned him a position in the throne of North American popular culture. Two roles have primarily defined his movie career. These roles are as James Kirk, that is famous for being the captain of the Starship Enterprise in the original Star Trek tv show, and William Shatner himself as a humorous egotistical silly pitchman.

As Shatner became more and more popular because of his acting skills, everyone’s been curious how much is his net worth. To know more about his wealth, keep on reading!

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William Shatner Renowned Projects

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🟠 Shakespeare debut

After completing his studies in 1952 at McGill University, he worked as the Mountain Playhouse’s business manager prior to attending the Canadian National Repertory Theatre that is located in Ottawa. Here is where he studied as a classic Shakespeare actor. In 1954 Stratford, Shatner debuted at the Stratford Shakespeare Festival. He appeared in a variety of creations at the said festival, including a cameo role in the prologue of Tyrone Guthrie’s highly regarded and broadcasted live project of Shakespeare’s Henry V, Sophocles’ Oedipus Rex, and Marlowe’s Tamburlaine the Great. Shatner has debuted in 1956 through broadway musicals.

🟠 Star Trek debut

In Henry V, Shatner was an apprentice to Christopher Plummer, which gave him the chance to stand out for a play when Christopher was absent owing to sickness. Christopher was struck by Shatner’s decision not to merely replicate the lead actor’s gestures but rather do the opposite move for the majority of them, demonstrating significant artistic originality and the opportunity to become a hit with his own way. Subsequently, both performers played antagonists in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country.

🟠 Others

In two episodes, Shatner starred in The Twilight Zone, “Nightmare at 20,000 Feet” in 1963, and “Nick of Time” in 1960. Guthrie hailed the teen William the “Stratford Festival’s most potential actor,” and he has been seen as comparable to peers like Paul Newman, Steve McQueen, and Robert Redford. William Shatner wasn’t quite as prominent as some others. However, during the year 1960, he established himself as a professional actor who arrived on time, understood his parts, worked cheaply, and would always respond to his phone.

Shatner’s Life Story

Shatner began his professional career as a young radio artist for the CBC or Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. He appeared on a variety of shows and as a guest on radio and stage productions. Then, for his outstanding stage performance, he received the Theatre World Award in 1959. He’s almost become a caricature of himself. He’s now tinkering with it and has turned into a mockery of himself for fun.

William has had four marriages. His first married life was in August 1956 to Gloria Rand, who is a Canadian actress. Shatner and Rand have three lovely daughters named Leslie, Lisabeth, and Melanie, consecutively born in 1958, 1960, and 1964. While recording the first Star Trek movie, William ditched Gloria, and in March 1969, she finally divorced Shatner.

William’s next marriage lasted from 1973 until 1996 to Marcy Lafferty.

Nerine Kidd was his third wife. They tied the knot in 1997 while Shatner was 66 years old and Nerine was 38 at that time. He once came back home later that night in August 1999 to find Nerine’s dead on the floor of their pool. The autopsy revealed that she had Valium and alcohol in her blood, and the forensic pathologist decided that she died as a result of unintentional drowning.

William then married Elizabeth Anderson Martin in 2001, and in 2019, he asked for a divorce from Martin.

William Shatner Net Worth

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William has recorded to have a $100 million net worth. Shatner is paid $150,000 every episode of a TV program. In recent years, there has been a dispute about whether or not Shatner earned $600 million as the advertising brand ambassador for As per the myth, William insisted on getting shares as payment rather than cash. Purchasing stock did seem like a good idea at the time. But, the plan eventually exploded, and Priceline stocks lost virtually all of their worth.

A decade has passed, William was still making advertisements. And, Priceline has made a remarkable recovery, now selling at more than $300 per stock. It was widely assumed that Shatner did not sell any of his shares over the years after the value demise. Prompting some to predict that his holdings were now allegedly worth more than $600 million.

Whereas William Shatner will always be known as Captain James T. Kirk of the famous movie Star Trek, his pay for the first TV series was relatively small. He was allegedly paid $5,000 each episode and offered $39,000 in the year 2020. Shatner was also granted a $500 bonus each season whenever a series or movie was continued.

Shatner’s Fun Facts

🟢 His known nickname was Toughie because he had a fight almost every day.

🔴 William Shatner had written books entitled Star Trek Memories, The Ashes of Eden, Up ‘Til Now: Autobiography, TekWar, and more.

🟢 Shatner grew in Quebec and can also speak French and Spanish.

🔴 He has a giant fan club where you can join by visiting his website.

🟢 William Shatner has once given a death mask for Star Trek. But it was sold and used for the Halloween movie for a villain role.

🔴 His first-ever acting role was a baby, and that was his best role for him!

🟢 William’s latest activity is in the history channel called the UnXplained.

🔴 He once interviewed Stephen Hawking and got asked about his favorite Star Trek episode. And he said, “none.”

🟢 Shatner did most of his own stunts.

Bottom Line

However, towards the end of his career, Shatner had effectively transmogrified into something more significant. William’s reputation in acting career endured for more than five decades by converting his affable image into a million dollar worth of cottage business. As if his wide acting style wasn’t enough, he decided to make an album through spoken passages of poetry and song lyrics. In recent years, William Shatner has acquired a sense of humor, usually about himself.

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