Stephen Jackson NBA Net Worth And His Retirement

Stephen Jackson is a former pro basketball player from the United States. He is most known for his 14 years as a member of the National Basketball Association (NBA). In 2003, Stephen’s pro basketball club, the San Antonio Spurs, won the NBA Championship. Jackson’s net worth is expected to approximately $20 million in 2021. Here is Stephen Jackson’s NBA net worth and his retirement.

Early Years

Stephen Jackson was born in Houston, Texas, in the United States on April 5, 1978. Juliette, a single mother, reared him. His mother struggles to raise him. She use to work two jobs at the same time. Working at his grandfather’s soul food place also aids Stephen’s mother. At the restaurant, he use to scrub tables and wash the dishes.

In terms of his formal schooling, he attends Lincoln High School. During his junior year of high school, he even participates in the state championship. Jackson afterward sent to Oak Hill Academy (Virginia). In 1996, he was name All-America there. Previously, he had plan to attend the University of Arizona. However, Jackson enrolls at Butler County Community College due to his poor SAT and ACT scores.

In the Year 2000, Jackson Form His NBA Appearance

stephen jackson nba net worth
stephen jackson nba net worth

Stephen Jackson got his NBA career with the New Jersey Nets throughout the 2000-01 seasons, following a stint in overseas leagues. Despite having three years of pro experience under his belt, this was his first year.

The San Antonio Spurs recruited Jackson just before the next NBA season. In his debut year with the Spurs, he lost 45 games due to injury. But he bounce back the following season, guiding the Spurs to the 2003 NBA title.

After winning a championship, Jackson would become a free man to sign a long-term deal during the off-season. However, sports commentators chastise him and his agent by declining the Spurs’ proposal.

Despite this, Jackson signs a two-year deal with the Atlanta Hawks. After a successful season, he transfers to the Indiana Pacers for a six-year contract worth $38.3 million.

Stephen Jackson was one of many players involved in the historic “Malice at the Palace” riot that erupted between Pacers and Pistons players and supporters during his first season with the Pacers. Jackson was ban for 30 games during the season and forfeits $1.7 million of his salary, among the varied degrees of sanctions for the nine players directly implicated.

Repeated run-ins have marred Jackson’s career with the law. Jackson left the Pacers in 2006 after committing one of these felonies. He was transferred to the Golden State Warriors but had to sit out the first few games of the 2007 season due to a ban.

Stephen Jackson NBA Net Worth and Career

Stephen was selected in the 1997 NBA Draft by the Phoenix Suns, an NBA basketball club. He was release by the Phoenix on October 30 and begin playing with the La Crosse Bobcats, a continental basketball club. In the Continental Basketball Association, he spend more than two seasons with the squad (CBA).

Jackson then spent the 2000-01 season with the New Jersey Nets. He played in 77 games for the club, averaging 8.2 points per contest. In 2001, however, he got release by the Nets. Stephen Jackson then sign by the San Antonio Spurs, his new squad. He had his finest season for the team in 2002-2003, participating in 80 games. Jackson averaged 11.8 points, 2.3 assists, and 3.6 rebounds during the season.

In 2003, he joined the Atlanta Hawks, a new squad. Despite being given a spot with the Spurs, he decline and sign two contracts with the Hawks. During the 2003-2004 season, he average 18.1 points, 3.1 assists, and 4.6 rebounds with the Hawks. He eventually sign by the Indiana Pacers, where he spent three years until retiring in 2007.

Jackson also spent two seasons with the Golden State Warriors (2007–2009), the Charlotte Bobcats (2009–2011), and the Milwaukee Bucks (2011–2012). After being trade by the Warriors in 2012, he returned to his former club, the San Antonio Spurs. On April 12, 2013, the San Antonio Spurs release him.

On December 10, 2013, he signed by the Los Angeles Clippers. He tried to put forth his best effort for the squad. Jackson played in 9 games with the Clippers, averaging 1.7 points per game. On July 22, 2015, he resign from his post.

Personal Life of Stephen Jackson

stephen jackson nba net worth
stephen jackson nba net worth

Imani Showalter, a former Basketball Wives star, was Stephen Jackson’s girlfriend. He and she have two children together. Imani and Stephen were together for nearly a decade. Jackson was even planning to marry her, but he call off the wedding after learning that Imani had not sign a prenuptial agreement on the day of the wedding.

Stephen Jackson and Kwame Brown, a former basketball star, recently had a verbal spat. “You stink at basketball, be upset at yourself,” he said to Brown. Jackson even summon Brown for a podcast interview with him and Matt Barns.

Stephen Jackson’s Net Worth Is Unknown

Stephen Jackson’s net worth is expected to about $20 million in 2021. He has earn a total of $68.6 million in compensation throughout his NBA career. In 2012/13, he collects the most significant signing bonus of his career, $10,060,000, from the San Antonio Spurs. Similarly, he was fine $25,000 for harassing basketball star Serge Ibaka over Twitter when with the Spurs.

Stephen Jackson’s Professional Career Begin in the Minor Leagues

stephen jackson nba net worth
stephen jackson nba net worth

Stephen Jackson (born April 5, 1978) was rear with his single mom, who supports them by working two jobs. Jackson works as a busboy at his grandfather’s soul food restaurant to supplement his income.

He was a high school basketball standout who led his team to victory in the 1996 McDonald’s All-American Boys Game, which feature Jermaine O’Neal, Kobe Bryant, and Tim Thomas. However, since he was academically ineligible, Jackson could not attend the University of Arizona as plan.

On the other hand, Stephen Jackson attend college education but did not play basketball then. His mother, Mike Bibby’s, brought the young guy to the Phoenix Suns, and he join them for practice games.

Jackson was selected in the 1997 NBA Draft by Suns President Danny Ainge due to his great play. However, he did not receive any NBA playing time immediately soon.

Instead, he joined the Association from La Cross Bobcats Continental Basketball, a small league in the United States. In fact, Jackson plays pro in the Australian, Venezuelan, and leagues of the Dominican Republic.

Stephen Jackson’s Net Worth Is Estimated to Be $20.0 Million

Retired NBA star Stephen Jackson dedicates his life to pursuing justice for George Floyd, his departed buddy. Floyd’s daughter has lost her father at six years old due to his heinous death. On the other hand, Jackson has jump in to foster his deceased friend’s daughter. 

Goerge Floyd, who amass a net worth of $20.0 million throughout his 14-year Basketball career, had an unusual NBA career. However, he’s using his great fortune to help the family of his deceased friends, and now he’s being praise for his generosity.

Jackson Pays Tens of Millions of Dollars for Child Support

Jackson, who lives in San Antonio, has a lot of children from five separate women, including two by Imani Showalter of Basketball Wives fame. When she decline to accept a prenuptial contract, he skip out on their marriage to Showalter, abandoning her just at the altar.

Showalter relocated to Los Angeles. With their children, following their almost wedding. Stephen Jackson’s other kids live with his mothers, and he spends millions in child benefits each year.

Three of their baby moms, on the other hand, rarely want him to see his kids. Jackson sent a heartfelt Instagram message in April, urging boys and men should make smart decisions so that they will never cut from their kids’ lives.

Meanwhile, Jackson has promise to look after Gianna Floyd, his friend’s younger daughter. He’s also organizing a formidable crusade to bring to justice Floyd’s death, cause by police violence.



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