What Is Herschel Walker’s Net Worth? Here’s The 2022 Estimate!

Herschel Walker is known for his long NFL career as a running back for several teams. He was first drafted in 1985 and went on to play until his retirement in 1997. Aside from being a successful football player, Walker is also a mixed martial artist and he recently announced his 2022 candidacy for senator. With such a stellar career in sports and other fields, many are asking, what is Herschel Walker’s net worth?

According to public data, the ex-NFL player is worth $12 million. Most of Walker’s wealth is built during his long career as a football player. After all, he played for a total of four NFL teams. He also has business ventures that keep his football wealth thriving.

Who is Herschel Walker?

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Herschel Walker was born on March 3, 1962. He hails from Augusta, Georgia, where he also started his career in football.

His parents are Christine Walker and Willis Walker, who moved the family to Wrightsville, Georgia. Aside from that, Walker has six other siblings and was raised in a blue-collar family.

Early in his life, Herschel Walker was overweight. Walker also had a stutter, but his mother encouraged him not to let this problem take him down.

Moreover, Walker attended the Johnson County High School. This is where he first played football as well as basketball. As a multi-sport athlete, Walker also ventured into track competitions during high school.

Before he got into professional football, Walker is a competitive sprinter for the University of Georgia. He was also a two-time All-American selection for the sport.

Walker isn’t just a good athlete, but also a brilliant student. In 1980, Walker joined the Academy of Achievement program, where he graduated as valedictorian.

Hershel Walker’s personal life

Herschel Walker married twice and had a highly publicized personal life.

He first married Cindy DeAngelis Grossman in 1983, even before Walker rose to fame. In 1999, the couple welcomed a son they named Christian. To this day, Christian remains Herschel’s only child.

However, two years after welcoming their son, Walker and Grossman divorced in 2002 after more than 20 years of being together. Reports say that the split stemmed from Walker’s battle with dissociative identity disorder (DID), which was formerly called multiple personality disorder.

Walker’s first marriage was rocky in its last years. Due to this condition, he admitted pointing a gun at Grossman at least once.

After his divorce from Grossman, Walker sought help for his condition. From there, he got better.

In May 2021, reports surfaced that Walker married his second wife, Julie Blanchard. The two were reportedly dating for a decade before tying the knot. Unlike Grossman, not much is known about Blanchard as she opts for private life.

However, Walker’s second marriage isn’t without controversy. The Associated Press reported in August 2021 that Blanchard is being investigated for voting in Georgia in 2020 even though she lives in Texas.

Herschel Walker’s career

Herschel’s football career alone is one for the books. He has a 12-year stint in the NFL, which is aside from his college football experience.

College football career

Herschel Walker first played as a running back for the University of Georgia. During his stay in the university, Walker won the prestigious 1982 Heisman Trophy as well as the Maxwell Award. Moreover, Walker played a pivotal role in the University of Georgia’s win over Notre Dame during the 1981 Sugar Bowl.

Walker went on to play for the University of Georgia until 1982. After that, he signed to New Jersey Generals in 1983 under the turf of the United States Football League (USFL). Herschel was awarded a $5 million, three-year contract. Of this amount, Walker collected a $1 million signing bonus and a $1 million salary for the first season.

After the 1983 season, the team was sold to Donald Trump. Come 1984 season, Walker’s paycheck is worth $1 million. On his third year in 1984, it’s reported that Walker walked off with at least $1.25 million.

After his first contract expired, Trump renewed Walker for another four years. This made Walker the running back for the Generals until 1989. However, a court decision in 1986 ultimately dissolved USFL.

NFL career

When that happened, Walker entered the National Football League (NFL) after signing with Dallas Cowboys in 1986. His contract was reportedly worth $5 million. 

Herschel Walker went on to play with Dallas Cowboys until he was traded to Minnesota Vikings in 1989. Walker played a critical role in securing a win for the Vikings after a 4-game losing streak. Overall, Walker played for the Vikings for 2.5 years before transferring to Philadelphia Eagles.

Walker signed with the Eagles in 1992 with the hopes that he will be the missing piece for a Super Bowl slot. He played for the Eagles until 1995.

After leaving Philadelphia Eagles, Walker got signed to New York Giants with a $4.8 million contract good for three years. However, due to his performance and limited blocking skills, New York Giants let him go after a year.

To cap his stellar football career, Herschel Walker signed back to Dallas Cowboys in 1996. After a year, he decided to retire from the sport.

After leaving NFL, Walker invested in food and beverage and manufacturing. In 2002, he founded the Renaissance Man Food Services. He’s also the man behind H. Walker Enterprises, LLC and Renaissance Drapery Manufacturing.

And in 2021, Herschel Walker announced his senatorial bid. He’s running under the Republican wing, which isn’t surprising since he played for the Trump-owned USFL team before.

What is Herschel Walker’s net worth?

As of 2022, Herschel Walker has an estimated net worth of $12 million. A chunk of his wealth was built upon his earnings during his years in NFL. He was able to bag multi-million contracts in multiple NFL teams during his playing years.

After that, his business ventures are also profitable. Between 2008 and 2017, Walker reported that Renaissance Man Food Services gained $1.5 million in annual profits. Nevertheless, the company applied for the Payment Protection Program when the pandemic hit. Overall, Walker’s company received $182,000 to fund two loans, of which half has been forgiven.

Aside from that, Walker has other business ventures and TV guestings that stream money into his coffers. And should he win a senatorial seat, his salary as a senator will also add up to his fortunes.

Final words

What is Herschel Walker’s net worth? The former NFL player has an estimated $12 million under his name. This is a combination of his earnings from football, investments, and other ventures. Walker’s net worth is expected to experience a shift, especially now that he’s gunning for a senatorial seat. 

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