What is Manny Jacinto Net Worth? Find Out Here!

Manny Jacinto is a rising Filipino-Canadian actor and model. After many minor roles on TV, he got his breakout role as Jason Mendoza on the popular sitcom “The Good Place.” Aside from portraying the Bad Side character, Manny is also known for modeling. So with many acting and modeling credits under his name, we wonder what is Manny Jacinto net worth? 

Today, Manny Jacinto is estimated to have a net worth of $2 million. Read on to know more about Manny’s net worth, personal life, career, and more! 

Who is Manny Jacinto?

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Manuel Luis Jacinto, known by his alias ‘Manny Jacinto,’ is a Filipino-Canadian actor and model. He first got his breakout role portraying Jason Mendoza on NBC’s The Good Place.

He was born on August 19, 1987. His parents are anonymously known as Mr. and Mrs. Jacinto. Manny’s father, however, is known to be a prominent businessman. Meanwhile, his mother is a modest housewife.

Jacinto attended the University of British Columbia, where he studied civil engineering. While interning, Manny often participated in hip-hop dance competitions. However, he eventually transitioned to acting years later.

Manny Jacinto’s Personal Life

Manny Jacinto was born in Manila, Philippines. However, he and his parents emigrated to Canada in 1990. Raised in Richmond, British Columba, Manny grew up playing sports.

He attended Vancouver College, a Catholic High School. And Manny received his civil engineering degree at the University of British Columbia.

Before becoming a renowned actor, Jacinto often entered hip-hop dances competitions. But he turned to acting years later, landing starring roles on popular TV shows The Romeo Section and The Good Place.

After years of being single, Manny Jacinto got engaged to Dianne Doan in 2019. Doan is a Canadian actress known as Lonnie from Disney’s Descendants movies.

Jacinto proposed to Doan in November 2019 after years of dating. Currently, Jacinto and his longtime girlfriend are still engaged.

Despite his quick rise to fame, Manny lives modestly and likes to keep things private. He currently has an Instagram account with over 500,000 followers and Twitter with 100,000.

Manny Jacinto’s Career

Manny started his career by setting aside his degree to pursue his passion for dancing. He often competed in hip-hop dance competitions when he was just an intern. 

Although Manny had no intentions of pursuing acting, he decided otherwise. After visiting LA, he realized the lack of Asian actors in Vancouver and wanted to change this.

After this, Manny found his way into the TV industry, appearing in many minor roles. Notably, he appeared on Supernatural, The 100, Zombie, and Once Upon a Time. 

Manny took more minor roles before landing his significant role as Jason Mendoza on NBC’s sitcom The Good Place in 2016. After portraying the beloved Bad Side character, Manny received more offers over time. 

He portrayed Wing Lei in the Canadian spy drama “The Romeo Section.” Jacinto was nominated for a Leo Award for the Best Supporting Performance for his role in the show. 

After this, Manny got role after role in bog screens. From there, he quickly became one of Hollywood’s most famous men. He starred in films like Paper Angels, The Only Human, Peelers, Rush, and Bad Times at the RI Royale. 

Notably, he played Fritz in the action-drama movie, Top Gun: Maverick. Here, he worked alongside Tom Cruise as the lead character.

Manny also landed a role in Netflix’s ongoing horror drama series, the Brand New Cherry Flavor. He will be working alongside famous actors like Todd Grimson, Nick Antosca, and Haley Z. Boston. 

Aside from acting, Manny also does modeling on the side. 

Manny Jacinto Net Worth

Although Manny only had a few prominent roles in his career so far, he already managed to beef up his bank accounts. Experts estimate the actor’s net worth to be more than $2 million.

Jacinto likes keeping his personal life a secret. However, his financial situation shows that he may well have over $500,000 to $2 million in cash and assets.

Moreover, experts believe Manny’s earnings from films and TV shows to be around $100,000 annually. He earns approximately $8,300 every month, about $1,923 every week. In a day, Manny can make up to $274.

But in his personal life, Manny likes to keep things as simple as possible. Hence, you rarely see him splurging in luxury items.

While Manny isn’t making as much as other rising actors, his numbers are far from shabby. And given that Brand New Cherry Flavor is in the works for a new season, we can expect his fortune to grow.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What ethnicity is Manny Jacinto?

A: Manny is Filipino, born and raised by two Filipino parents. However, since he grew up in Canada, you can consider him Filipino-Canadian. 

Q: How tall is Manny Jacinto?

A: Manny Jacinto is around 1.5 meters (5 feet and 10 inches). And he weighs approximately 156 pounds (71 kilograms). Overall, Manny has the same height as other famous actors like Maximillion Cooper, Paul McCartney, Chris Rock, and Mike Tyson.

Q: Is Manny Jacinto married?

A: Many Jacinto is currently unmarried. However, he is engaged to fellow Canadian actor and longtime girlfriend, Dianne Doan. The two got engaged years before making it public in 2019.

Q: How old is Manny Jacinto?

A: Manny Jacinto was born on August 19, 1987, making him 33 years old today. His star sign is Leo the Lion. And he moved to Canada in 1990, when he was a mere three-year-old.  

Q: Is Manny Jacinto in Nine Perfect Strangers?

A: Popular TV actor Manny Jacinto, known for his role as Jason Mendoza in “The Good Place,” plays Yao in “Nine Perfect Strangers.” On the newest Hulu series, he plays as an employee at Tranquillum House. However, he is more than just a hired hand. 

Final Words

For approximately $2 million, Manny Jacinto net worth is already a large sum. Manny is already in the high-net range despite not being as rich as other TV actors and models. And with his steady growth in the industry, his bank account will get even more prominent in the future.

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